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Enhanced Creative Vision

When it comes to editing the parameters of any programmable musical instrument or effect, there is definitely more than meets the eye. Behind each front panel lurks dozens or even hundreds of menus filled with creative choices, but you'll only get to visualize a selected few at any one time.

Correctly described as as 'painting the hall through the letterbox', this long-standing problem is only getting worse. As display sizes and resolutions have grown over the years, the power and complexity behind the displays has increased on a much larger scale.

At Psicraft Designs, we know you have a creative vision, and we know how frustrating it is to have that vision blocked by your own gear. We've made it our top priority to create professional editors that shine right through the front panel and show you the inner mysteries of your instrument in the most musically useful ways possible.

Imagine a sci-fi visor that protects your sanity and gives you combined X-Ray, Infra-Red and Zoom capabilities whenever you look at your gear, and you'll get what we're talking about!

The Vyzor comes in three power levels:

Vyzor is the retail brand: Vyzor editors back up and edit every data component in your instrument, managing them as a complete virtual instrument file, or as a collection of individual files at whatever level of detail you like. Vyzor editors can run as either stand-alone software OR as VST/AU plug-ins, bringing DAW integration and automation of your hardware instrument fully into the soft-synth work-flow.

Vyzex is the bundle brand: Vyzex editors are included free with a growing list of manufacturer products and share all the features of their Vyzor counterparts except for the plug-in mode. Don't let the zero price tag fool you though - Vyzex editors are top of the line when it comes to stand-alone capabilities.

Vycro is the entry brand: Instead of replicating the whole instrument in software, these 'Vyzor Micro' editors work solely with the current preset in the instrument they support, leaving the rest to you. Simple and affordable, Vycro standalone and Vycro Pro plug-in editors provide great way to Get Inside The Gear!