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Avid Announces Vyzex Venom Editor

Avid (M-Audio) announces the release of the Vyzor Venom Editor for Mac and PC, which allows for intuitive and real-time control of all functions in the M-Audio Venom synthesizer, the creation of new presets, and sharing of sound data with other Venom users. This commercial-class software is included free to all M-Audio Venom owners.

The M-Audio Venom 49-key synth combines the warmth of vintage keyboards with modern digital processing for an aggressive new sound.

Get an aggressive, infectious sound with the new M-Audio Venom 49-key synth. Whet your appetite with the included presets, then sink your teeth into creating original sounds—from subtle to downright nasty. Perform bass lines and leads with a full-size keyboard that's designed to satisfy serious players. Easily tweak parameters from the intuitive top-panel interface, or explore endless possibilities with the included software editor. You can also use Venom as an audio interface with software such as Pro Tools M-Powered*—and take your music in dangerous new directions.

The included Vyzex Venom software editor offers a clear visual representation of all Venom settings and parameters, freeing you to explore the synth's limitless sonic territory. Arrange sounds into banks, rename patches, save backups on your computer, and share sounds with other users. Use the innovative patch collider feature to mash up multiple patches and create new hybrid sounds. Venom offers more sound design flexibility than any other synth in its class.